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                         I am putting all I can, I want a Doberman puppy or 3 yrs NO older male or female would be great IF it would be CROPPED and DOCKED I will do all the Vet shots etc It is my son and myself, I am going to make a Service Dog.  Encyclopedia of Dog Breeds, Working group, and you can get the book at Pets-Mart!  I am the owner and will get it I was a 501c3 I will be again under Fed. 

OK,, I am trying to make all my dogs from the Halley’s K9 and have them wright how you liked OR NOT taking your learned with your dog,, I will give each dog and owner will get a FULL page or more have a story, and  with pic’s too!!         





 Gerald SchmidtEGA                                                                                                

5 with Port in front

walk in the morning, note Porsche with NO lead! 
halleyk9s-69 118_1488

                                                                                                                                                                                  Roxi, Benz, Taz, and Porsche


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