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Artisan Model Yachts

Art Larason Is a very good friend, we met in a place called Vietnam, he flew door gunner on my UH-34D, EM-19 chopper in and out, and from that time on, Art says I saved his life, I think it was the same the other, but we kept in touch, I wish I could go to out to Brookings, Oregon and hug him.

As you see he is quite a talented person,  and now a day he raises money for the VVA (Vietnam Veterans of America) hand creating these boats/yachts and I am honored that I was given one of the first, and it is in my living room in Largo, Florida.

If you are a boat yacht lover, if you give him the pictures he will carve the wood and a beautiful create your boat, mine is 18″ X 36″ then it sits on top of the box, all hand carved. To get it to my home the mast and ores had to be dismantled put into the box, packed with paper and off UPS.

Art hand carved made all the parts needed and now it sits in my livingroom   

                                                                     Art 1Art 2



Mike n Benz


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