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Well as fast as I put it up it is there .  Man I hate this getting OLD Notice the Kaylie  and Grand is there and it works!!

kaylie-bretta            kids so 2 kids take on and shoe how it’s done!

Beretta, is a great dog, I did not train what I did is show how to to pull  some things like send the dog to take the grand kids and or Mom or gramp’s   The house is two with a high stares so I took the lead and took the dog to the 1st to the stares turned walk back to stares and kept all the walk up then we came down, I just went right up and she stuck to me,, then took down went each went and took the dog just like all went all was GREAT.

Then in the garage, the owner haves a nice cars and an upper place for all kind of “stuff” and it was not all finished but,, yes you could walk up there BUT  be carefully,,, I tried to go and I made it to a good space, so went back and then Bretta went with me and he was leading the path I took, I came back with Bretta ,, then Gramps made the roof, AND all was fun.

Next we made a teeter tooter and then up and down.


Grand Ma